Step By Step: Rose Kamma Sarkany – Running With Usher Syndrome

Rose Kamma Sarkany is a marathon runner, kayaker, rock climber, hiker, cyclist, swimmer, water colorist, writer, photographer and public speaker. She does all this and more with only 10 degrees of peripheral vision (tunnel vision) and moderate to severe hearing loss. Rose was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome when she was 16. It’s a hereditary condition[…]


8 Great Running Routes in Florida

When you think “trail running,” the Sunshine State probably isn’t the first location that comes to mind. With its flat terrain and touristy reputation, Florida is more often associated with beaches and theme parks. However, this sub-tropic paradise just might surprise you. The warm climate, unique ecosystems and active pace of life have begun to[…]


The Runner’s Journey: A Walk on the ‘Wild’ Side with Alicia Woodside

Alicia Woodside is not running for gold, at least that’s what her blog says. She’s running for something more… The 29-year-old trail runner has experienced her fair share of competition. She competed at the World Trail Running Championships (50 Mile) and World 100k Championships for Team Canada, but what keeps her hooked is the adventure.[…]


Top 5 Ways to Stay Safe on the Trails

Running a beautiful trail is an experience like no other. We encounter nature in all its glory and become acutely aware of the peaceful magic running the trails. With early summers mornings and late night sunshine, we’re all itching to grab our sneakers and get running.  However before you hit the trails it’s important to[…]

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4 Reasons Why Moms Should Start Running

Introducing Sharon Hanks, a wife and mom of two boys. She is a RunGo Ambassador and lives in Northern California. She enjoys running 5ks to marathons. When she’s not running she enjoys recapping her experiences on her blog Run- Hike-Play, hiking, camping, and spending time with the kids. This week Sharon is sharing her story[…]


Top 5 Best Places to Run in North America

In North America, there are unbelievably beautiful places but not every one is the best to run. For runners combining great running terrain with a beautiful view is like striking gold. We’ve rounded up the running spots guaranteed to blow you away and give ideas for your next trip! The Seawall – Vancouver Photo by Nikkita Nair   Host of the 2010[…]

5 races to plan your next runcation around

In the northern hemisphere, the leaves are starting to fall and change to a beautiful orange-green shade. While the opposite is happening in the southern hemisphere with winter slowly receding into spring. Wherever you are in the world, those are 2 of the best seasons for running and its time to plan your next runcation around these[…]