The Fremont Troll

Run the World, Episode 3: Fremont, Seattle (Burke-Gilman Trail and more!)

In Run the World series, RunGo’s team of run-loving employees will take you on a tour of their favourite runs around the world. Each run will feature a different region, with tons of photos to get you motivated and a link to RunGo’s route, so you can follow the run with voice navigation. Whether it’s[…]

Destination Race Running

When I first started running seriously approximately 3 years ago, I remember thinking how absurd it was whenever a runner told me they were travelling for a race. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would find such a nonsensical excuse for travel! Last month, I ran my first real destination race at the Victoria Marathon – 8K[…]

RunGo’s New Design

For months, Jaycee, our designer, has been hanging tight as RunGo’s engineers worked hard to make her beautiful new vision for the app into reality. After countless hours of research, conducting surveys, designing, testing, running, and becoming expert at luring runners with coffee and beer to do user testing, all she could do was wait[…]