Get to know Boston in 3 runs

Harvard, MIT, Boston Marathon, Freedom Trail, Charles River…these are just some of the names and places that come to mind when we think of Boston. One of the oldest cities in the United States, the city undeniably has decades worth of history and sights you should definitely miss when you visit. These 3 runs are awesome ways to make sure you check out the best Boston has to offer:

Charles River loop 


Photo by Eric Kilby / Creative Commons 2.0

If you only have time for one run in Boston, let it be at Charles River. One of the most scenic and iconic rivers, this loop takes you on a panoramic tour of the city!

Copley Square 6K


Photo by Bill Damon / Creative Commons 2.0

Named after painter John Singleton Copley, Copley Square is a bustling plaza and popular meeting point for friends and dates alike. Starting and ending at Copley Square, this run takes you through some of the interesting landmarks in the city’s downtown core and along the beautiful Charles River, giving you a good balance of both urban and trail running.

Freedom Trail


Photo by John Hoey / Creative Commons 2.0

Don’t have time to sign up for a walking tour? Why not have a self-guided run instead? This run brings you to 16 historical sites ranging from museums to churches and meeting houses, detailing the story of the American revolution. Definitely not a run to be missed by the Historian-runner!

Boston has a run for every type of runner – be it trail or road, urban or natural, recreational or elite, the Historian, the foodie, the wandering traveller, you name it and the city has you covered. Above all, you’re constantly surrounded by gorgeous views. Create some space in your vacation calendar this year for a running holiday you’ll definitely enjoy!

Author: Nikkita Nair