RunGo’s New Design

For months, Jaycee, our designer, has been hanging tight as RunGo’s engineers worked hard to make her beautiful new vision for the app into reality. After countless hours of research, conducting surveys, designing, testing, running, and becoming expert at luring runners with coffee and beer to do user testing, all she could do was wait (and do more testing). And finally, after tons of hard work from our talented developers Bosco and Leo, we’ve just submit the new version of RunGo to the iTunes store, and once it’s approved, this new design will be at all of your fingertips!

As our beta-testers know, the new design is a huge step forward for our app experience. Think beautiful, clean interface, the world’s best in-app route creator, and a powerful new search functionality that can smartly detect the amazing run you’re looking for, to get you out and running ASAP.

Here are a few sneak peaks of what’s to come!

Beautiful new design…


World’s best route creator…

World's Best Route Creator

Powerful new search…

Powerful New Search

Lots more cool verified routes added…

Verified Routes

Lots of amazing runs added in Vancouver, Whistler, San Francisco, LA, Boston, and Toronto. Time to explore!

Our new app should be released any day this week… So give it a run, and let us know what you think! We LOVE, LOVE LOVE reviews about the app, so if you’ve tried it out and like the new experience, please let us know by rating or reviewing us!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of our redesign process. Each and every runner who gave us feedback, shared ideas and high-fives, we love you!

~ RunGo team

Author: Alicia Woodside