Top 5 Best Places to Run in North America

In North America, there are unbelievably beautiful places but not every one is the best to run. For runners combining great running terrain with a beautiful view is like striking gold. We’ve rounded up the running spots guaranteed to blow you away and give ideas for your next trip! The Seawall – Vancouver Photo by Nikkita Nair   Host of the 2010[…]


Get to know Boston in 3 runs

Harvard, MIT, Boston Marathon, Freedom Trail, Charles River…these are just some of the names and places that come to mind when we think of Boston. One of the oldest cities in the United States, the city undeniably has decades worth of history and sights you should definitely miss when you visit. These 3 runs are[…]

Destination Race Running

When I first started running seriously approximately 3 years ago, I remember thinking how absurd it was whenever a runner told me they were travelling for a race. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would find such a nonsensical excuse for travel! Last month, I ran my first real destination race at the Victoria Marathon – 8K[…]