Top 5 Best Places to Run in North America

In North America, there are unbelievably beautiful places but not every one is the best to run. For runners combining great running terrain with a beautiful view is like striking gold. We’ve rounded up the running spots guaranteed to blow you away and give ideas for your next trip!

The Seawall – Vancouver

Photo by Nikkita Nair


Host of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver has been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. With views of mountains and ocean, this city has much to offer a runner for scenery. Vancouver began building the Seawall in 1917 and finally completed the full 22 kilometers in 1980. Surrounding the city, the Seawall starts from Coal Harbour, winding around Stanley Park, along Sunset Beach, past the historic Burrard Street Bridge, and finishes off at Kitsilano Beach.

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Big Sur Coast


Photo by dkhoalee/ Creative Commons 2.0

One of the most scenic race locations, Big Sur was described in 1912 as the “greatest meeting of land and water in the world”. Thought the terrain can be challenging, Big Sur has multiple distances for trail runs and hikes with most runners finding an exceptional ocean view. Once you’re done head to a local restaurant for some tasty cuisine and California wine!

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New York City – Central Park 

Photo by Unsplash/ Pexels

From the city that never sleeps, New York has great running routes for this fast paced run community. With 843 acres of natural landscape in Central Park it also hosts 29 sculptures, seven bodies of water, and 25,000 trees to enjoy on your run. Don’t forget to swing by the Central Park Zoo or the Delacorte Theatre for wildlife and local culture.

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The Charles River – Boston 


Photo by Pixabay

Home to the Boston Marathon, Boston offers runners a spectacular city view along the Charles River. Head out before sunrise in the summer so its nice and cool for your run. As an active city you will not be alone out there and can also enjoy the sunrise together!

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Rideau Canal – Ottawa

Photo by Pixabay

As Canada’s national capital, Ottawa offers runners great running routes with off-road pathways looping around the city’s important sites along the Ottawa River, the Rideau River, and the Rideau Canal. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, runners can choose a path on either side of the Rideau Canal to enjoy the historic scenery.

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Where are you running this summer?

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